Anne Stokes Dice Sets

Anne Stokes Official Licensed Dice Sets

Available at DragonZone Australia from the team at Critic UK and the imagination of Anne Stokes you will find 11-piece dice sets each themed to the artwork you will find on the box in which the dice are contained.

Each box has a magnetic closure to ensure your dice remain safe.

Anne Stokes Dice Boxes

Each dice set comes with 1 x D4, 4 x D6, 1 x D8, 2 x D10, 1 x D12 & 2 x D20 and the D6's in the box has the Anne Stokes dragon logo as their highest number and are inked gold throughout.

Anne Stokes Dice Box Group

Collect your favourite Anne Stokes Dice Set, or collect them all with the complete collection including the Slip Case for all 9 sets. 

Anne Stokes 9 pack dice set

 Take your role playing games to the next level with the amazing artwork inspired Dice Sets from Anne Stokes and Critic.

Anne Stokes Dice Group