Anne Stokes Small Fire Dragon


Two sets of glands in the back of the mouth excrete a mixture of chemicals which is highly flammable on contact with air.

One of the largest and most aggressive species of dragon, nicknames "the red devil"

  • Size: 15 metres on average but can grow to 50 metres
  • Habitat: Mountains, especially those with volcanic activity
  • Eggs: A single egg laid by lava pools
  • Characteristics: Very Aggressive, can breath fire.

If you are fortunate and at a safe distance to see a Fire Dragon (Draco Ignus) they are indeed one of the most impressive of breeds.

Although slow and lumbering on land, it is in the air that they come into their majesty. A full grown adult can have a wingspan of 50 metres.

Dragons fly at an average of 400 metres, but could be found at 1000 metres high. On warm, clear days they can probably fly higher. They use thermals to soar to those heights. The world record for the highest recorded flight was indeed by a Fire Dragon over the lower Sumadrel range at 11,274 metres.

They have excellent eyesight so can spot prey from far away. They are usually seen over mountainous regions, where during the mating season the males light the skies with their display of incredible fire breathing

From the imagination of internationally renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes comes the Age of Dragons range.