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Adult Rock Dragon 20cm

Adult Rock Dragon 20cm

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Sharp horn on nose, used by the hatchling to break out of its rock hard shell.

Naturally occurring semi precious stones on the neck, back and tail. Armour plating in overlapping scales. Barbed tail swung as a weapon.

  • Size: 15 metres on average but can grow up to 25 metres
  • Habitat: Mountains or rocky areas
  • Eggs: 2 to 4 eggs laid near crystals. Very hard shells
  • Characteristics: Aggressive. Uses tail as a weapon.

The rock dragon (Draco Petra) can be found wherever there are mountains, volcanoes and rock systems with naturally occurring caves.

A flightless creature, its wings mere vestigial appendages, used only in mating rituals and intimidation to any challengers.

Known for its naturally occurring impenetrable armour plating as well as from history, as being used by the attacking Loman army at the battle of Colnee.

The eggs whilst incubating exude a chemical which allows rapid crystal growth around them. These then, over a relatively short period of time, form into diamonds and any countless lives have been lost in their pursuit.

From the imagination of internationally renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes comes the Age of Dragons range.

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