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Adult Silver Dragon 31.5cm

Adult Silver Dragon 31.5cm

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Rare and highly prized for its silver leather

Hard to spot as its highly reflective silver scales reflect the colours in its surroundings.

  • Size: 9 metres on average but can grow up to 12 metres
  • Habitat: Warm Regions
  • Eggs: Silver and Elongated
  • Characteristics: Excellent Flyer, dazzling in sunlight due to high reflectivity

It would be fair to say that a true wonder to see in flight is the Silver Dragon (Draco Argentum), although it wouldn't be that simple. For this species of dragon uses a camouflaging technique whilst in flight known as "silvering". The scales and feathers contain "pearl essence", which is crystalline guanine. Guanine is one of the four main nucleobases found in nucleic acid DNA. It enables the dragon to mimic its environment rendering it almost invisible to the eye.

The scales are highly valued, as one may imagine and have many magically linked properties. When ground to a powder and mixed with secret paste by apothecaries, it is said to stop ageing if applied to the skin.

The most incredible use of the scales was in the making of the armour for King Zule of Curlna, which was said to render him invisible to his enemies at the Battle of the Four Kingdoms.

From the imagination of internationally renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes comes the Age of Dragons range.

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