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Small Desert Dragon 13cm

Small Desert Dragon 13cm

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Highly Venemous fangs paralyse prey

Can whip up a small sandstorm using its wings to confuse prey or escape from danger. The Desert Dragon also buries itself in the sand to avoid detection.

  • Size: 8 metres on average but can grow to 18 metres
  • Habitat: Desert Regions
  • Eggs: 2 or 3 eggs buried in sand
  • Characteristics: Hard to spot, Venemous Bite

In the hot and arid land of Emeral lie the Delpimas Deserts. Colossal expanses of sand that runs thousands of miles in any direction, it is of no surprise that little life can exist there. But thanks, in part, to the trade routes that criss cross this region, it is home to the aptly titled Desert Dragon (Draco Aurum) . The trade caravans both fear and respect this inhabitant of the wastelands and many shrines have been erected, where offerings of peace (usually livestock) are tethered enabling safe passage.

Although unable to fly, it has the ability to hover and in doing so create sandstorms that enable it to disorient its prey. The Desert Dragon also buries itself in sand and can lay in wait of quarry for up to several days.

From the imagination of internationally renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes comes the Age of Dragons range.

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