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Small Water Dragon 11.5cm

Small Water Dragon 11.5cm

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Powerful Swimming Action. Broad rudder like tail waves up and down in swimming strokes to give propulsion.

Fine Aquatic membrane on the wings allows for smooth movement in water.

  • Size: 15 metres on average but can grow up to 20 metres
  • Habitat: Lives near and in water
  • Eggs: 3 to 5 pearlescent eggs laid together in underwater caves
  • Characteristics: Curious, excellent swimmer

Long and slender, the Water Dragon's (Draco Aqua) body can be various shades of bluish - grey dorsally and somewhat lighter underneath.

There are at least three distinct subspecies: 1) a prominent of the Shiester'a, 2) a intermediate of the Westeromian Alt and 3) a brevicauda (also known as a dwarf blue dragon) found in the Garnishter Ocean.

It's diet consists almost exclusively of small crustaceans known as krill.

It can reach speeds of 65 Kilometres per hour over short bursts, usually when interacting with other dragons, but 20 kilometres per hour is a typical traveling speed.

Mating commences in late Autumn and continues to the end of Winter. Very little is known about mating behaviour or indeed breeding grounds.

From the imagination of internationally renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes comes the Age of Dragons range.

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