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Awake Your Magic Dice Set - Anne Stokes

Awake Your Magic Dice Set - Anne Stokes

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The Awake Your Magic Dice Set by Anne Stokes and Critic UK is available to order directly from Brisbane Australia through DragonZone Australia.

Each Anne Stokes Dice set comes with 1 x D4, 4 x D6, 1 x D8, 2 x D10, 1 x D12 & 2 x D20 and the D6's in the box has the Anne Stokes dragon logo as their highest number and are inked gold throughout.

Featuring Artwork: Awake Your Magic

Inclusions: 11 Dice, 1 Magnetic Closure Die box themed with Anne Stokes Artwork.

Note: This product is still awaiting arrival from the manufacturer. The Estimated date for stock availability is 31/05/23. If you wish to order this product, please send an enquiry through the Contact Us page or use the Chat Button at the bottom of this page.


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