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Dragon Flame Silver 3D Metal Jigsaw Puzzle

Dragon Flame Silver 3D Metal Jigsaw Puzzle

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Introducing "Dragon Flame Silver" – a thrilling 3D Metal Jigsaw Puzzle that brings the fiery spirit of a naughty dragon to life! Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and shimmering in silver, this puzzle is not just an assembly challenge but an adventure waiting to be explored.

With a total of 115 intricately designed parts, "Dragon Flame Silver" transforms into a majestic creature when fully assembled, measuring an impressive 19.4cm in length, 12cm in width, and 14cm in height. Its challenge difficulty level of 6 out of 7 ensures an engaging and rewarding experience for puzzle enthusiasts aged 14 years and above.

Let your imagination soar as you piece together this ferocious yet enchanting dragon. Covered in thick scales and armed with sharp teeth, powerful limbs, and a strong tail, Dragon Flame is a symbol of strength and freedom. Its sharp claws, hooks, and bat wings add to its mythical allure, while its flames burst with intensity when angered.

During the day, Dragon Flame Silver rules the skies, searching for companions to play with below. As night falls, it perches on the edge of cliffs, gazing at the starlit heavens, a silent guardian of the nocturnal realm.

Embark on an epic journey of creation and discovery with "Dragon Flame Silver." Order now and let the adventure begin, with shipping available from Brisbane, Australia, to your doorstep.

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