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Dragon Zone Australia

Shadow Inferno Dragon Diamond Art

Shadow Inferno Dragon Diamond Art

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Unleash the power and chaos with our Diamond Art Canvas: "Shadow Inferno." Marvel at the spectacle of a fearsome black dragon, its scales gleaming in the fiery glow, as it breathes torrents of fire over a recently attacked castle.

Measuring 40cm wide x 30cm high, this Diamond Art Canvas captures a moment of mythical fury and raw power. The high-quality color-printed fabric provides the perfect backdrop for Square Shaped acrylic diamonds that will transform this scene into a mesmerizing display of destruction and might.

Dive into the artistry with our carefully curated kit, featuring Diamond Dotz pre-sorted by shade, a craft tray for meticulous diamond placement, a stylus with a soft grip for comfort, and a wax caddy for easy diamond handling. Let the step-by-step instructions be your guide, ensuring a gratifying experience for both newcomers and seasoned crafters.

As you embark on this creative journey, you'll witness the intensity of the Shadow Inferno, a moment frozen in time as the black dragon asserts its dominance over the conquered castle.

Shipped directly from Brisbane, Australia, our Shadow Inferno Diamond Art Canvas promises to bring the thrill of fantasy to your fingertips. Elevate your crafting experience with this dynamic piece that captures the essence of mythical chaos and the indomitable spirit of the black dragon.

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