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Skulls Dragon Protector

Skulls Dragon Protector

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Introducing our stunning Dragon Figurine, a mesmerizing addition to any fantasy collection! Standing tall at 20cm and measuring 10cm wide by 14cm deep, this exquisite figurine features a magnificent Purple and Silver dragon perched atop a silver skull, creating a striking and captivating display.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the dragon's scales shimmer in shades of purple and silver, reflecting its majestic and mystical nature. Its wings are elegantly spread, showcasing intricate patterns that add to its allure. The dragon's posture exudes power and grace, making it a focal point of admiration.

The silver skull beneath the dragon adds a touch of mystery and symbolism, enhancing the figurine's fantasy theme. This piece is perfect for dragon enthusiasts, fantasy collectors, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of mythical creatures.

You can find this Dragon Figurine exclusively on, your ultimate destination for fantasy-inspired treasures. Order now and bring the magic of dragons into your home, with shipping available from Brisbane, Australia, straight to your doorstep.

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