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Yule Dragon Resin Wall Plaque by Anne Stokes

Yule Dragon Resin Wall Plaque by Anne Stokes

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Introducing our captivating resin wall art plaque featuring the mesmerizing 'Yule' dragon artwork by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. This highly-detailed plaque showcases a 3D rendition of a blue ice dragon surrounded by a circle of sabbat symbols. Above the dragon's horns sits the symbol of Yule, representing the Winter Solstice and a time of renewal.

Part of the exclusive 'Dragons of the Sabbats' art series by Anne Stokes, this plaque captures the essence of winter's beauty and magic. The dragon's horns resemble razor-sharp icicles, while shards of ice spread from its icy breath, creating a stunning winter scene. The snowflake pattern incorporated into the dragon's scales adds an extra touch of detail and elegance.

Measuring 27cm high by 27cm wide by 4.2cm deep and weighing 1.325kg, this plaque is made from durable polyresin, ensuring longevity and durability. Its impressive size and weight make it a prominent and captivating addition to any wall, bringing the enchantment of winter to your space.

Embrace the magic of the 'Yule' dragon plaque, available exclusively on Order now and bring the mystical world of Anne Stokes' art to life, with shipping available from Brisbane, Australia, straight to your doorstep.

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